NaPodPoMo – Podcasting for 30 Days Straight

National Podcast Post Month, better known as NaPodPoMo, begins on November 1st. Do podcasters have what it takes to the podcast for 30 days straight? Here is the chance – no restrictions or rules – just a desire for podcasters to challenge themselves. This is the 10th anniversary of the challenge and if you’re a podcast alumnus, you can schedule your interview to be part of the NaPodPoMo community with Jennifer Navarrete.

Learn about the Werk It Festival, a podcasting festival solely for women, not to mention the ONLY women podcasting festival out there. Hosted by the WNYC team, Werk It is filled with keynotes, sessions, and a podcasting Bootcamp, women are able to network and learn from the best in the biz. Live podcast sessions were recorded, so be on the lookout for these online.

The Podfather Adam Curry did not write the article discussed at the end of the episode, focusing on the deadly sins of podcasting, but we do talk about him. There are some things about podcasts that seem to bother everyone, but what should podcasters do to actually change these things? Get creative with your advertisements, your format, and most definitely your logo.

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Show notes:

Werk It Festival: October 3-5, 2017
Hosted by WYNC Studios
NaPodPoMo: Created by Jennifer Navarrete