And The Winner Is… – Your Podcast 015

Congratulations to all of the Podcast Awards winners, awarded live on International Podcast Day. Media companies are always changing and recently Vimeo, known for recorded video acquired Livestream giving them access to live streaming capabilities as well. Todd tried out Apple's AirPods and was pleasantly surprised. Given the current political climate, there has been an influx of podcasts on politics – Joe Biden is the most recent to come out with one. Lastly, Todd and Mike suggest that podcasts insert ads in their podcast so prospective advertisers can hear what your ad reads sound like, like a trial run.

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Vimeo acquires Livestream
Ear Buds: The Podcasting Documentary is now available in iTunes
Former VP Joe Biden starts Biden’s Briefing, a daily podcast

Congratulations to all the People's Choice Podcast Award winners!

The Fantasy Footballers – Peoples Choice
We Like Drinking – Arts
Dreamers Podcast – Business
Plumbing the Death Star – Comedy
Grammar Girl – Education
We're Drunk & We Know Things – Entertainment
Trivial Warfare – Games & Hobbies
Everyday Superhumans – Government & Organizations
Optimal Living Daily – Health
What Fresh Hell: Laughing in the Face of Motherhood – Kids & Family
Derek and Romaine – LBGTQ
Between Us Girls – Mature
Irish & Celtic Music Podcast – Music
The Majority Report with Sam Seder – Politics & News
Five Minute Devotions – Religion & Spirituality
STEM-Talk – Science & Medicine
The Fantasy Footballers – Sports
School of Podcasting – Technology
The Hollywood Outsider – TV & Film


Why podcasters should consider doing a demo for their podcast. The benefits of being advertiser ready.

Tech Support:
“I posted an episode and it’s not in Apple Podcasts yet. What did I do wrong? PLEASE HELP.”

We get this question A LOT!

The iTunes/Apple store listing and what appears in your feed are two different things. People that subscribe to your feed in iTunes will get the new episodes as you post them but the listing at iTunes can lag by a day or so behind your feed. This is normal. Again, remember to tell people to subscribe.

People get the wrong impression that your RSS feed PUSHES to iTunes: it does not. iTunes (when it sees fit) PULLS your feed. It asks for your feed when it gets around to it and PULLS your feed to update the listing. Your subscribers (even in iTunes) subscribe to your feed and after that never really touch iTunes (the service) again. They are just subscribed to your feed directly in the iTunes software. Subscribe to your own show, so that you can be reassured when you publish new episodes that all is well. It works the same as every other directory or app.

There is nothing we or you can do to make that faster. It takes whatever time it takes and if you want it to go faster you have to go to iTunes and refresh your feed manually.

Here is a checklist of things we do to make sure all is working fine.

Know what your feed address is.
Check your feed whenever you post. One way to check is a simple check in the Firefox browser. Load your RSS feed and check that the title is correct, the media file is indeed attached and that the feed loads without errors.
Check your feed in a validator. or are up to date. or W3 Validator are seriously out of date for podcast feeds.
Subscribe to your own podcast in your podcast app of choice. You should get the episode within a few minutes of publishing. Regardless if it’s in the store for that app, you will get it and your subscribers will too.

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