Ad Deals and Statistics – Your Podcast 014

A little while back, the EFF finally ended the patent troll case that has been threatening podcasting and podcasters for years. At the end of the month, we’ll be celebrating International Podcast Day. Hosted by Steve and Dave Lee, Blubrry will promoting the power of podcasts. As ad deals gain more traction and attention in podcasting, there comes some ups and downs. Todd and Mike discuss how all of this works together and best practices for people that want to get involved. Podcasters that want to get advertising, statistics have never been more important.

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EFF and the Patent Troll – The EFF won a court case against the patent troll that wanted to change podcasting as we know it.
International Podcast Day –  Sept 30th – We’re going to be streaming live three times throughout the day.
iOS 11 – Will be out on September 19th, 2017.


Episode zero – In the new iOS 11, you can use tags to set an episode zero as a trailer. Great for promotion and launching a show.
“Second show syndrome” – Just remember, when you want to start a second show, it will take just as much time to produce as the first show. Make sure that you have the time, resources and your family’s blessing to do one.
Ad deals – Learn more about advertising with Blubrry and the general overview of how this all works with podcasts. To become at Blubrry Advertising Priority Partner, click HERE


Stats – We have been getting a ton of questions about stats recently. Blubrry ad deals require that podcasters use our statistics. In a pinch, we’ll accept stats from Libsyn or Podtrac, but we always prefer Blubrry stats. You can sign up for FREE stats at or our Standard stats for only $5 per month. (use the promo code Blubrry005 for a free month).
Stats have to be implemented on your media files (not the feed itself) See the “Getting Started” link in your Blubrry stats area for details on how to setup stats. Also, check out this YouTube video on how they are setup with or without PowerPress:
Some hosts do not allow 3rd party stats. If your RSS feed address does not have your domain in it, you will have to check with your feed provider to see if you can implement Blubrry stats.

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