Congratulations, Todd, on your Hall of Fame induction!

Join the RawVoice CEO and other leading-edge podcasters at the inaugural Academy of Podcaster’s Awards

Congratulations to RawVoice/Blubrry founder and podcast pioneer Todd Cochrane for his induction into the Podcaster’s Hall of Fame in its inaugural year. Todd has been executive producer of Geek News Central since October 2004. He is also the co-host of the New Media Show and is the founder of the People’s Choice Podcast Awards and the Tech Podcast Network.

In 2005, Todd wrote the Podcasting the Do-it-Yourself Guide, the first book on podcasting. He is the CEO of RawVoice, representing 27,000 media creators and podcast networks. RawVoice provides podcast data analytics, media hosting, and advertising opportunities.

Other inductees include:


Todd will be honored Friday, July 31, at the inaugural Academy of Podcaster’s Awards at the Omni Fort Worth in Fort Worth, Texas.

“I can think of no one more deserving of being in the Podcast Academy HOF than Todd Cochrane,” said Gary Leland, host of The Gary Leland Show. “Todd has been involved in podcasting since the beginning days of the technology. He has helped shape the world of podcasting, by helping others grow their podcasts. Todd is a true podcast pioneer.”

RawVoice CEO Angelo Mandato, added, “Todd Cochrane is more than just a pioneer in the world of podcasting, he’s a visionary who has ensured that the interests of all content creators are first and foremost in the podcasting evolution.”

Cochrane said he looks forward to seeing his friends at the awards ceremony on July 31.

“I am humbled to have been inducted into the podcast Hall of Fame. A large credit goes to my audience at Geek News Central and my team at RawVoice/Blubrry. Together we have worked hard to accomplish a lot for the podcast community,” Cochrane said. “It should not go without saying that my podcast sponsors have some credit here as well in that through their financial support my show has been able to continue for 10 years.

“Again, I’m humbled to be inducted to the Podcast Hall of Fame and look forward to seeing all the podcasters at podcast movement in July in Fort Worth”