Temporary issue with iTunes listings limited to 20 episodes

Podcast show listings are currently limited to 20 episodes because of a temporary issue in iTunes. Apple staff are aware of and working on the problem. The problem only affects podcast directory listings in podcasts’ iOS app and desktop iTunes.

Subscribed users to your podcast can still see all of the episodes available in your podcast feed. The issue is only with directory listings (when viewing your podcast from within the iTunes store).

Once the problem is resolved, iTunes will once again display up to 300 episodes, depending on what you have configured in your podcast feed.

PowerPress users wanting to change their episode limit

The WordPress default displays 10 items (episodes) in feeds. You can override this default by going into PowerPress Settings >  Feeds tab and changing the value in the “show the most recent” setting to a larger value, as high as 300. Keep in mind that the higher you set this value the larger your feed’s file size will be. If you set this value higher than 50, we strongly recommend enabling the “feed maximizer” option, which ensures your large feed does not include blogging meta data that is not needed for podcasting.

Testing your podcast feeds

We recommend viewing your feed with the Firefox Web browser if you want to preview and test your podcast feed. Firefox specifically formats RSS feeds in a readable way and will display an error or a blank page if there is a problem parsing your feed. We no longer recommend using Feed Validator services. As of now, none of the feed validating services support secure (https://) URLs.