Blubrry’s going evergreen with Long Tail Podcasting

There’s no such thing as short-timers disease in the podcast space, not at Blubrry and now, with our new Long Tail Podcasting feature, absolutely not with your show episodes. The team at Blubrry is pleased to announce its latest option that provides you the ability to edit and republish content at no additional cost.

Long Tail Podcasting graph shows the history of downloads, streaming, etc for an episode
Long Tail Podcasting graph shows the history of downloads, streaming, etc. for an episode

With our new Long Tail Podcasting, you can focus on creating evergreen and far reaching content without additional costs. So, like, if you want to use a new intro for all of your episodes, you can upload it on all of your podcast episodes and it will not count toward your data for the current month.

Other stuff Long Tail Podcasting lets you do:

  • Replace and edit past episodes / content — giving you the ability to update your archive with no additional cost.
  • Replace media files without it counting against your storage quota for the current month.
  • Change whatever you please and republish, as long as the file size is within 10 percent of the original file size and the name of the episode is unchanged.
  • Insert current advertisements into past episodes.

And here’s what you can’t do, but wouldn’t want to anyway:

  • Repurpose old episodes as new episodes, but we know that’s no issue for you because your podcasts are all about fresh content.
  • Use your archive as a way to host new episodes such as in iTunes. Episodes that have been republished must keep the same name.

At Blubrry, we’ve always focused on creating evergreen content for our customers and the podcast space. So now, yup, we’re pleased to offer the same to you. Our goal is for you to be able to keep your archive updated without spending more money.

So that’s the long and the short of it and if you want to see more – well, a lot of the same stuff but worded differently – here’s the evergreen Long Tail page on our evergreen website to refer to.