We’d like to show you our support

In the past months, we at Blubrry have been working diligently to bolster our support services and educate our podcast family on the options we provide. Now, we have to say, we can’t help be brag a little because our hard work have paid off.

Charlotte Caruso of PuggleFM is a great example of what’s working in our support services. Charlotte recently emailed RawVoice CIO Angelo Mandato after a consult, saying:

I just wanted to extend my sincere appreciation for your assistance over the past few days, with your email correspondence, which has always been very prompt and helpful, and then again tonight on the Skype call where you very patiently went through the entire process with me. Your help and assistance in getting the podcasts syncing to iTunes correctly is so invaluable to my company, it will literally save me hours and hundreds of dollars.

All your correspondence has been invaluable, you have been clear and practical in your recommendations for solutions for me, and I really appreciate such professionalism, especially in today’s world where I am constantly getting “help” from people who are more interested in a sale than actually helping someone in need.

I would absolutely recommend yourself and Blubrry to anyone thinking of buying a plugin for WordPress or who might be thinking about getting involved with podcasting! A truly refreshing experience, thank you.

It was a joy working with Charlotte and we hope you’ll check out her show, PuggleFM, child-friendly radio for parents that provides useful, entertaining audio featuring old school class with a new-age spin.

And to recap, here are the services we provide:

Premium Statistics or Blubrry Media Hosting Customer Support
If you’re having a problem with one of our paid services contact us with as much detail as possible and we’ll assist you within 24 hours.

Paid Phone Support and Consulting
Looking for phone support? Confused on which media format to use? Trying to decide the best setup for your website and media hosting? Whether you need advice for podcasting or you want consulting on what video format is best for your audience, we have the staff and knowledge to assist you. Contact us today with your needs for a free quote.

Custom Application, Web or WordPress Development
Looking for a developer to customize your theme specifically for podcasting? Want to extend a feature in PowerPress as your own custom plugin? Have a proprietary Internet media application and need assistance with development? We can help! We’ve been developing podcasting and new media solutions since 2005. Contact us today with details for a free quote.

Free Support Options
Don’t have the budget to pay for immediate support? No problem! Check out the following free resources and Blubrry forum: