The future of podcast distribution and discovery at NMX

In December 2012, 50 percent of listening and viewing digital content was distributed through aggregators such as iTunes, Zune, etc. Sure, that’s a lot. But in a three-year comparison (2010-2012), that’s down more than 21 percent. What’s up is the number of Mobile Web Browsers (13.5 percent), Mobile Applications (3.2 percent), Tablet / Pad Web Browsers (8.3 percent) and TV / Set-Top Box (0.5 percent). Therein lies a glimpse into the future of podcasting.

At New Media Expo 2013, RawVoice CIO Angelo Mandato presented on The Future of Podcast Distribution & Content
Discovery with Rob Walch, VP, Podcaster Relations,, and Rob Greenlee, content manager, podcasts at Microsoft, Windows Phone and Zune. Gain more on these insights and other insights – such as who buys Android and who opts for the iPhone – in the slideshow! The Future of Podcast Distribution & Content Discovery

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