Using The Podcast Channel Feature

One of the most powerful features of the PowerPress Podcast Plugin for WordPress is the ability to make custom podcast channels. I find the channels life savers, as I have 2 other host that have their own shows on my site.

Doing 2 separate shows myself in both Audio and Video, requires that I have a total of 4 rss feeds for just my two shows. 1 Audio and 1 Video feed for each show.

I found that my audience would subscribe to either the Audio or the Video feed of my show, but not both feeds more often than not. So ultimately you are giving your listeners and viewers a choice of content formats.

But here are the three things you really need to know about creating more podcast channels.

Example 1: You want to distribute both an mp3 and an mp4 version of your podcast. Use the default podcast channel for your mp3 media and create a custom channel for your mp4 media.

Example 2: You have a video podcast with multiple file formats. Use the default podcast channel for the main media that you want to appear on your blog (e.g. m4v). Create additional channels for the remaining formats and sizes (e.g. wmv, mov, mpeg).

Example 3: You create two versions of your podcast, a 20 minute summary and a full 2 hour episode. Use the default channel for your 20 minute summary episodes and create a new custom channel for your full length episodes.

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8 Replies to “Using The Podcast Channel Feature”

  1. I like the Podcast Channel feature. We use it for Audio guides, so we might have a general and a children’s guide (2 separate channels), with different pages for each Audio Point (episode).

    To do this we find pages are better for us than posts.. However only the main channel is available on pages unlike posts where multiple channels are available.

    Can you please enable multiple channels on pages, or have I missed something ?

    See for an example of pages. I have had to create posts with no navigation to them for the podcasts.

    1. Pages do not have feeds, so there’s no need to even worry about creating a podcast episode with itunes attributes etc… Any media you put on a static page in WordPress will only be available on that page, so all you really need is the PowerPress shortcode to add media tot he page where you want it.

      e.g. [powerpress url=""]

  2. hii, i am testing the plugin on wordpress. but there seems to be an issue with deleting channels and editing channels.

    1. i am not able to delete the first channel i created as it keeps asking me if i am sure and tells me to try again (not the default one which comes with it)

    2. When trying to edit a channel, after saving it actually creates another channel instead

    please email on feedback, thanks

  3. Hi Angelo

    You seem to be trying to prescribing how I should create Itunes podcasts.

    We produce podcasts relating to Audio Walks. This makes it easy for ipod users to download a walk.

    As I said above we use Pages rather than Posts.

    I understand how to use the Powerpress Short codes. This is not what I want.

    What I would like is multiple channels available on pages.



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