Breaking down the stats policy to build our success

We know . . . no matter how eager you are to charge ahead technologically, “change” itself is like that distant cousin you’ve never met who your mom makes you take to a movie; the one you’re pretty sure you’re going to be stuck with entertaining the rest of the night if not the rest of your life! We’ve been there. So, when we announced that we’ll be changing our business model a little bit we tried not to make it too scary. Here ‘tis: We now require that shows that enjoyed our free statistics that have in show advertising from a competing network or on their own,  and have no advertising with RawVoice/Blubrry upgrade to our Standard Stats package.

Not too scary, we hope. To Hammer-time it a little more (you know, ‘break it down’):

  • No advertising on your show = free stats
  • Advertising with Rawvoice/Blubrry = free stats
  • Advertising with Rawvoice/Blubrry + advertising on your own or other network = free stats
  • Advertising on your own or other network = upgrade to Standard Stats to help us advance the system
  • Shows that are part of another organized network = upgrade to Standard Stats to help us support the system

And, to top it off, and this one’s a beta blocker for your racing hearts: Standard Stats packages start at a whole $5 a month. That gets you unsurpassed insights into audience consumption; it lets you find out who is linking to you and gives you listener-base demographics and geographical data with worldwide mapping. You also benefit from custom reports and daily email summaries.

That little bit o’ dough will allow us to expand our awesome tools such as PowerPress and hosting for your shows on a world class CDN, and continue to provide you the opportunity to be discovered on Roku and Boxee. In fact, look for a major update to our stats system shortly! But even before that launches, you’ll get bunches of value when you update to a Standard Stats even if your show qualifies for the free stats.

So, yup, you might just find that this mysterious cousin is pretty awesome to hang out with and, like our premium stats package, is a dynamic, exciting and welcome addition to the family.