PodBean problems? Get 30 days free podcasting at Blubrry

We heard from you – a lot – and so we checked it out ourselves: PodBean.com has had service problems for the past couple of days. We understand that those of you hosting your podcasts through PodBean want to get back online, like, now if not sooner, so Blubrry is giving you 30 free days hosting to sort out the situation. Reach us at support@rawvoice.com. Warning, though, once you get a taste of Blubrry, you might not want to go back – and that’s fine with us, too! 😉

2 Replies to “PodBean problems? Get 30 days free podcasting at Blubrry”

  1. A couple of days for Podbean being down? Try 5 for my “What You Know Is Worth More Than You Know(TM), The Podcast” and I am (about to be was) a paying hosting customer.

    It took them three days before they even answered my e-mails and when my podcast site with them finally came back up yesterday, the style sheet was off and I had to fix it. And the 55 eps of my show all need to be reloaded as they apparently had no back-up–I don’t think so!

    I’ve e-mailed you requesting to take you up on your free hosting offer which I was alerted to by a Raw Voice contact who has been helping me evaluate your service, and I look forward to working with what I hope will be a lot more professional hosting solution for a professional show.

    Melanie Jordan
    Author of “What You Know Is Woryh More Than You Know!(TM)

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