Blubrry Introduces 4 New Features!

1st: A long requested feature is the ability to add a show promo to the podcaster’s show profile. This will make it easier for listeners to get a quick introduction to a show and allow podcasters in the network to more easily promote each other. This feature will be added to the show profile page of all podcasters in the Blubrry community.

2nd: We have added an audio embed feature to the podcasters’ show pages. We know that our podcasters’ listeners want to share episodes with others and this feature will give our podcast community members added exposure beyond Blubrry and their own websites.

3rd: Podcasters that are part of our Blubrry community can now run a semi-customizable listener survey on their personal sites as well as on We preload the survey with a handful of common questions then allow the podcasters to add questions of their own. This free feature will help every member of the Blubrry podcast community by providing them with accurate listener demographics.

4th: Podcasters that have Podcast Publishing accounts now have access to their own newsletter service. Podcasters can encourage their audience members to sign up for their newsletters on their profile here at Blubrry or on their own blogs at their websites. When you publish a podcast you can opt to send all subscribers a copy of your show notes with links to your downloadable media. This keeps listeners informed of when new shows are available on your site. Studies have shown that podcasts that employ newsletters grow audiences at a much faster rate than those that do not.

These new features are a small part of the improvements and innovations we are bringing to our podcast community over the coming year.

Team Blubrry