WildVoice Podcasters: Free 30-day Hosting and Automated Move Tools

The team at Blubrry is sad to see another Podcast Hosting and Podcast Media site going off-line. However, the news of WildVoice shutting down July 1 means podcasters hosted at WildVoice have to move fast.

We are offering 30 days free hosting to all WildVoice podcasters. To make it easy, we have automated tools to help you move your show with the click of a button.

To get started simply list your show that is currently at WildVoice here at Blubrry.com; be sure to use your WildVoice RSS feed when you set up your account. Once the account is set up you will find a link in the Content Section of Manage Account that says “Free 30-day Hosting.”

Follow the instructions provided on the free 30-day hosting page and we will move your media automatically from WildVoice to Blubrry.com. You will then need to ask the folks at WildVoice to release the tag for your show, and iTunes will automatically update.

We have technical support folks standing by to help you so feel free to use the contact page at Blubrry.com to receive help in moving.