Special Announcement Free Podcast Statistics

The RawVoice team is very proud to announce that our Free Podcast Statistics that were free for 90 days at a time, when community members completed an advertising survey are now 100% free with no pre-conditions.

Effective today all community members get access to the Free Podcast Statistics service by just being a community member.

We realized that in these tough economic times, that while many podcasters want to monetize their podcast, a segment of shows are not ready for advertising but need reliable accurate podcast statistics data to continue to build their shows. This was a large factor in us removing the requirement for podcasters to fill out the ad survey to get access to the stats service.

Podcasters that still want to monetize their shows need to update the ad surveys every 90 days so we have up-to-date information on their podcasts.

With a large majority of our community members using the Free Podcast Statistics service it only made good business sense to do this.  For those that want the Standard Podcast Statistics that service is available for a low monthly subscription fee of $5.00.

For those not familiar with our Free Podcast Statistics here are some of the data sets we provide.

  • Summary report of latest 10 episodes
  • Overall and Monthly reporting
  • Printable and PDF reports
  • Details in
    • Total downloads
    • Unique downloads
    • Distribution (Podcatchers and Web browsers)
    • Clients (iTunes, Zune Marketplace, Firefox, etc..)
    • Platforms (Windows, Mac, Linux, etc…)
    • Country Demographics

Consider this a small gift from RawVoice.

Todd, Barry, Angelo, Brian & Jeff