Podango Pulls the Plug

In a not so surprising move, considering what we have learned over the past five days, Podango has shut down their podcasting services. Unfortunately, we are no longer able to transition anymore podcasters from Podango.

Their website is offline and media files are no longer available for download. The only service Podango is offering their customers at this point is feed redirection. Sadly, this means nothing if the podcaster didn’t move their feed before the beginning of the year.

Beyond shocking is that this company would give 5 days notice to its customers during the holidays, arguably the busiest time of the year for all of us, to move their podcasts. To migrate a show properly, 3-4 weeks are needed to let your audience know of the changes and for services such as iTunes to propagate the new feed URLs. They’ve effectively destroyed a large number of podcasts simply by not providing their customers enough time.

I will have more commentary on this later. At the moment I am highly disappointed in what has transpired, not only with the sudden service shut down but with email correspondence we shared with Podango.