Podango Podcasters Last Hail Mary

I hate using football terms but Podango podcasters have one last chance to save their show from complete and utter demis.

Podango Podcasters: If you have a copy of your RSS Feed and media, we will setup an FTP account for you to upload your media to host with us.

Our offer of free 30 days of hosting remains even though we cannot fully migrate you directly from Podango.com.

Send email to cio@rawvoice.com if you are willing to up your media and receive 30 days of free hosting.

4 Replies to “Podango Podcasters Last Hail Mary”

  1. To All,

    As of Dec 31st, Podango hibernated our site, so that it is no longer possible at this time to pull episodes from your Podango RSS feed. Nothing has been deleted however and if you still need your RSS feed redirected to another source we can still do that for you. Please visit Podango.com and submit a redirect request.


  2. Hello Donna,

    I’ve updated the post and fixed the grammatical errors. Sorry about that, we will be taking greater precautions to make sure our posts are grammatically correct.

  3. Hello Doug,

    Will you have any windows of opportunity for Podango podcasters to download their media and/or feeds? It would be great if you could “un-hibernate” for 2-4 more weeks so podcasters would have more time to move their content.

    I applaud your compassion to leave a comment on our blog. But if you could show a bit more compassion and help your podcasters by giving them more time, it would really go a long way of mending the scar created by the abrupt shutdown.


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