Coverville 500 Party Tickets for Community Members

Special Announcement for:

Blubrry, Tech Podcasts, and Podcaster News Community Members!

It is almost time for the premier podcasting event of 2008. The New Media Expo is only a few short weeks away. The New Media Expo held in Las Vegas gets underway Thursday August 14th and the RawVoice team will be at the Las Vegas Convention Center in force to meet all of you that are coming to this 4th Annual Event.

The reason I am emailing you today is so that you can get VIP access to the party of the year!  RawVoice is a sponsor Friday Night for the Coverville 500 a party guaranteed to rock your socks off with some of the best cover bands in the country. The Coverville 500 has received a huge amount of advance press, and tickets to get into the event are now very limited. Your team here at RawVoice has free tickets on a first come first serve basis for our community members.

No other podcasting community will be powering your party at the New Media Expo like RawVoice. We have had some of the best parties in previous years and this year is no exception. We hope that you sign-up to get free tickets and drink coupons for the Coverville 500 event.

We look forward to seeing all of you in a couple of weeks. The New Media Expo is an investment in your show and well worth the expense and time to attend.