Premium Podcast Statistics Available Now!

Over the past six weeks the team has been working very hard on what we are terming premium podcast statistics. Many of you using our Podcast Statistic service have asked for a wide variety of additional reports.

Many of you have noticed the tell tale signs that we have been adding the premium features, by reports that are not available to you in the free statistics system.

While our Free Stats package will remain free we want to bring you a much richer data set in the plus package which will be priced at $5.00 a month (three month minimum) or $50.00 a year. We also have 100% branded solutions available as well for those running their own networks you should send Todd a email if you want your own branded solution.

While we will be adding more premium features throughout the summer via inputs of the users of the service, this is what the initial Standard Podcast Statistics will offer above and beyond the already very rich data sets that we provide already for free to community users.

  • Full Report of Clients
  • Full Report of Referrers
  • Full Report of Operating Systems
  • Full Report of Geographical Data
  • Daily Email Summary
  • Episode Trending by Month
  • Country Map Reporting
  • Audit of Uncounted Request
  • Export to Excel Files
  • Create Guest Account

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