RawVoice Generator and Winamp media consumption made Easy


I was playing with Winamp the ever popular media player, podcatcher and media organizer this morning when I made a discovery that is to good not to point out.


While I am sure not a lot of people use the browser in Winamp those that do will begin to appreciate how well the RawVoice Generator the software that drives the RawVoice family of sites along with Blubrry.com integrates  media smart players like Winamp.


When you load Blubrry in the Winamp browser the application automatically detects the media linked in the site and makes it available for immediate playing. Look at the graphic below.




Now if you compare Blubrry.com with some other podcast sites like Podshow.com in Winamp you will figure out very quickly that their site has not been optimized for the listeners using advanced media consumption applications like Winamp.


The RawVoice Generator is the only commercially available product that is a truly integrated, blogging, podcasting, video casting platform and social media publishing platform. That was designed from the ground up to allow companies and individuals to publish content quickly and easily with minimal management yet give the content consumer a easy path to accessing the content on a platform that is proven to be able to scale to multiple thousands of shows.


While we understand that a small number of people use the Winamp browser we are assured that as people come to this site and others that are running our solution that they will have a enhanced media experience when they are visiting one of the sites.


Why we do not understand why some companies in the podcasting space have made it difficult for people to consume content we are very pleased that we give media creators a equal shot at getting exposure and also the ability to have their content easily consumed.