PodCamp Philly Pals

Just a quick shout out to some of the shows and people who I was able to meet at the PodCamp Philadelphia event. I could only stay for one day due to personal reasons but I had a blast at the P’unk Avenue party on Friday night. And again on Saturday night at the Triumph Brewing Co. Oh yeah and the event went very well too. The whole PodCamp Philadelphia team did a great job. Thank you.

In no particular order:

Eagles Fan Cast, New Tee Vee, Philly Food Guys, LD Podcast, Financial Aid Podcast, Accident Hash, Blogger and Podcaster Magazine, Red Lasso, Converge South Film Festival, For Your Imagination, Bucket Podcast, Otaku Generation, Blog Talk Radio, Mobile Diner (thanks for the t-shirt!), the Ad Lunatic, Caffination and more…

If I missed you or forgot a link accept my apologies. Feel free to pile on in the comments. It was a whirlwind night, day and night.

I’m compressing some video now and have audio of my session on podcast statistics. I’ll do my best to get out whatever is usable very soon!