Podshack at Podcast and New Media Expo

The team here at RawVoice has been working on a high profile after hours event for the Podcast and New Media Expo. I am sure you heard about Bloghaus at CES, well we are working very hard to have a similar event at the Podcast and New Media Expo called Podshack. What exactly are we going to be doing at this event that makes it such an attractive venue.

We will be creating a venue were people can come and hang out and relax, socialize and blog/podcast/videocast the day events on a big fat Internet pipe. We will also be doing branded interviews each night of the event with industry leaders. Just a few of the features of the Podshack

  • Specially Ordered high Speed internet access.
  • Wireless internet access
  • Food and Beverages
  • co-branded giveaways each day
  • Podcast recording suites
  • Real furniture to sit down and relax on.

This is a huge opportunity to get your company some extra exposure at the Podcast and New Media Expo. We have a small number of Sponsorship Spots available so send your inquiries to marketing@rawvoice.com.

We all know that the networking that happens after show hours is where a lot of the action is. So be part of the biggest after hour event each night of the Podcast and New Media Expo.Be sure to get involved with what will be the most talked about event outside of the Podcast and New Media Expo.