Learning The Ropes With Podcast Advertising

Shel and Neville of the For Immediate Release business podcast are some of the smartest podcasters in the game.

They do a great show. They network like champs. And they treat their podcast as a business.

Shel and Neville have run ads as part of campaigns here on Blubrry and they’ve also scored a side deal with a company called Custom Scoop.

They’ve been running the Custom Scoop deal for months and have gotten feedback that listeners were tiring of the spots. Shel, Neville, and Custom Scoop are taking action to alter the flavor of the spots to something that’s more desirable for listeners.

There are a few things to be learned here. First off, our audience members are important. So it’s important to listen to them. Second, advertisers getting into the podcast space want to reach people in a new way. And sometimes that means doing things differently than the normal methods of advertising. A long-term sponsorship deal is great. But you’re got to make sure that the spots you run follow the flavor of your show and are not repetitive for months on end.

Have you been playing the same auto inserted spots in your podcast for months? Do you straight-out read ad copy over and over again? If so you may not be serving your audience or your sponsor in the best way possible.

One of the great things about podcasting is that sometimes we get to do things that other forms of media just can’t. This is one example of why it’s so important to put a little more effort into presenting advertising in a way that works for everyone in the long run.