Highlighting Sweet Profiles

If you’ve visited the Blubrry home page we’re sure you couldn’t miss the very large banner space on the page that we use for rotating ads. Up to now, we’ve been using that space to point you to new partnerships, events, and contests taking place within the Blubrry community.

Now we’re also devoting some time in that space to promote some of the nicer podcast profiles that you’ll find on Blubrry. What makes a nice profile? Good branding with a header graphic. A good show description. Use of tags in episodes. Links to your podcast on iTunes. Regular shows with mostly podcast show in the RSS feed.

Our creative director Brian Yuhnke has created some nice graphics that will rotate in the ad space and link you to these profiles. This is just one more way that the Blubrry community rewards our most valuable content producers via increased visibility.

Do you think you’ve got a sweet profile? Send an email to marketing@blubrry.com and we’ll consider you for the next round of profile highlights.