Go Go Go Daddy


We’re on the verge of announcing our latest ad deal to members of the Blubrry podcast community. This one is going to be sweet. Probably the sweetest one podcasters have ever had a chance to get in on.

In exchange for promoting GoDaddy web hosting you will get paid …a nice amount… for each new customer that you convert to GoDaddy hosting services. Plus you’ll get a code that will allow your podcast audience to get a nice discount off all of GoDaddy’s products and services. You’ll earn a smaller, but still nice amount for each new GoDaddy customer that uses the code. Your audience members will not be able to combine the promo codes.

This is a Cost Per Acquisition (CPA) ad deal. So you won’t need to submit stats to us for this particular promotion. The amount of money you earn will be solely based on the number of customers that you convert.

If you want to learn more about the general terms of Blubrry ad deals, please check out the Blubrry Ad Deal Basics in our new forum.

Current Blubrry podcasters will be forwarded a message very soon with all the details, including dollar amounts, on this promotion.

Happy Podcasting!