Advertising Lingo and Procedures

Earlier today Todd Cochrane announced a forthcoming Cost Per Acquisition (CPA) ad deal that will pay the podcaster a flat fee for every person they get to sign up for the service being advertised. We think that’s a pretty sweet deal.

In order to be eligible for the deal your podcast must be a part of the Blubrry community and you must have a complete advertising survey. We’ve had some questions about the lingo and procedures related to this deal so I figured I would get that info onto the blog for all to see.

The Lingo

Cost Per Acquisition (CPA) means that the podcaster gets paid based on the number of users they actually refer to buy the product or service. We track this by providing a referral code to the podcaster which they then promote to their audiences.

You may also hear of CPM or Cost Per Thousand deals. CPM deals pay based on how many downloads a podcast has during the period of the deal. Advertisers pay a flat rate per thousand downloads that is agree to when the deal is negotiated.

The Procedures

First and foremost your podcast needs to be a part of the community. If your podcast is not with us but you want to be considered then you can add your podcast (or podcasts) after you sign up for a basic user account.

All member podcasts need to have their advertising survey completed in order to be considered for inclusion in any advertising deal. The ad survey is our questionnaire that assists us with aggregating shows for inclusion in ad deals.

You can access the survey by taking the following steps:

1. Login to Blubrry.
2. Click “Your Settings” link in the upper right hand part of the page.
3. Click “Edit Advertising Survey” link on the right side of the page. (There will be a link per podcast)
4. Review the message from Todd if you haven’t done so already.
5. Click the “Click Here To Edit The Survey” link at the bottom of the page.
6. Fill out the form as completely as possible.
7. Save the form.

We’ll do the rest by aggregating report data and identifying shows that are eligible to participate in the ad deal.

We hope this clarifies some of the basic questions resulting from the recent announcement of the forthcoming deal. Thanks for being a part of the community and know that we’re working hard to bring tangible value to our member podcasters.