Gettin Some Gear

I have two main outlets from whom I procure my gear for podcasting. And since I do quite a bit of audio and video my needs get quite complex at times. I won’t go into the details now but I plan to delve into those issues in future posts.

For now, I want to point out two spots on the internet where you can find quality audio and video gear at reasonable prices.

I’ve been using Sweetwater for years for my computer audio recording needs. Before I started podcasting I was composing music on my PC. A friend introduced me to the folks at Sweetwater and I’ve been a fan ever since. They have a great selection and they provide a lot of info about the products they sell. They’re also very friendly after you buy something in case you have questions or problems. And this is one of the few companies whose catalogs I’m always glad to see arrive.

For gear related to my video production, I shop at B&H Photo Video. They’re based in New York City so sometimes I go to their store at 9th Avenue and 34th St. to get what I need. Most people will use the website though. B&H is known as a mecca for photo gear but they also have plenty of goodies for video including camcorders, tapes, mics, etc. Their prices are very competitive and they always ship promptly. I see a lot of “deals” when I’m searching the internet to meet my video needs but I always return to B&H because I know that they back up their products with good service.

I’ve got no affiliation with either of these stores and they have not asked us to point them out. This is all about pointing podcasters to places where they can get good gear at reasonable prices without having to worry about getting ripped off.