Gettin Some Gear

Podcasting gear has come a long way over the years, with advanced equipment like the Rodecaster Pro and a wide array of high-quality USB microphones now available. These advancements make it easier than ever for Blubrry podcasters to achieve a professional sound. In light of these developments, here’s an updated list of recommended sources for podcasting gear and information:

I have a few go-to sources for procuring podcasting gear, catering to audio and video needs. With the growing complexity of podcast production, it’s essential to find reliable, reasonably-priced equipment from trusted retailers.

One such retailer is Sweetwater, which I’ve been using for years to meet my computer audio recording needs. Before podcasting, I composed music on my PC and was introduced to Sweetwater by a friend. They offer a vast selection of products and provide detailed information about each item. Their customer service is top-notch, ensuring support for any questions or problems after purchasing. Sweetwater’s website at is a great starting point.

B&H Photo Video is another excellent source for podcasting gear, particularly for video production. Based in New York City, you can visit their 9th Avenue and 34th St. store or shop online through their website. While B&H is well-known for its extensive range of photography equipment, they also offer a wide selection of video gear, including camcorders, tapes, microphones, and more. Their competitive prices and prompt shipping make B&H a reliable choice for podcasters.

Obviously, Amazon is another location to find all kinds of great gear with free shipping for prime customers.

In addition to these retailers, you can explore websites and online communities dedicated to podcasting gear recommendations and information. Websites such as offer comprehensive guides on the latest equipment, while forums and social media groups provide an opportunity to discuss and share experiences with fellow podcasters.

Our goal is to help podcasters find quality gear at reasonable prices from reputable retailers. Happy podcasting!