What a Great Week at Podcast Expo!

The team here at RawVoice wants to thank all the podcasters that packed our booth from show start to show finish. We had the opportunity to talk to educational institutions and corporations looking for what we term a Instant Media Network with our RawVoice Generator. People were blown away that the three showcase sites all run on the RVG. As I said to one company we can roll you out a white label site next week, when would you like to get started.

It was a joy to share the philosophy of RawVoice, and demonstrate the power of Blubrry.com , PodcasterNews.com and PodcastPromos.com.

We also realized that a great deal of podcasters do not understand our site model, with all of the various offerings out their it is not surprising. The model is pretty simple, not evil, along with being a absolute win win for any podcaster.

The concept is simple list your site on Blubrry and we go to work for you! Which entails getting your show exposure, being part of a community, and helping you monetize your podcast with no lock in’s and no commitments!

I had this said to me over and over again.

    “You mean we list our show Blubrry.com and you guys go to work for us?”

    The answer was a simple Yes

Everyone was blown away that we allowed them to opt out of any deals we put together, and where very pleased that we do not wrap advertising around their content!

The parties at the suite each of the three nights was a huge success with over 1000 people stopping by sampling fine micro brews and getting a quick bite to eat. We cannot wait till next year and thanks to everyone for making the event such a great memory.