Blubrry Advertising Model Works!

I am thrilled to announce that Blubrry Podcasting has continued to grow and evolve since its early days in 2006. Today, we provide extensive advertising opportunities for podcasters, with 1000’s of podcasts benefiting from lucrative ad deals. Thanks to the Blubrry Podcasting team’s dedication, we have secured ad campaigns for numerous podcasters in our community, including on-demand Programmatic advertising.

We have expanded our partnerships with various businesses, offering the potential for all podcasters at Blubrry to earn revenue by being part of our podcasting platform. Our continued commitment to the motto “Podcasters do the Work, Podcasters get Paid” ensures that we provide a supportive environment for podcast creators to grow and monetize their content.

While we don’t promise to podcasters, many have successfully generated supplemental income through advertising. Some podcasters have even covered car payments, house payments, and life-changing earnings.

In addition to advertising, Blubrry Podcasting offers podcast hosting, distribution, and statistics services that help podcasters maximize their reach and engagement. Our comprehensive podcast directory makes it easy for listeners to discover new content and for podcasters to connect with their target audience.

If you’re a podcaster looking to join a community that values your creativity and independence, we invite you to claim your show or add it to our platform. With our robust advertising opportunities and supportive network, we provide the tools and resources necessary to help you achieve success in the ever-growing world of podcasting.