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June 2: Site Selectors Weigh in on the Future of Economic Development | COVID-19 MINISERIES
June 02, 2020

Today, we are bringing you some of the highlights from the Virtual Site Consultant Encounter event which Consultant Connect hosted last week. We were joined by 13 site consultants and 130 economic developers for an extended Q+A panel and small group br...

May 26: Looking to the Future with Ann Petersen | COVID-19 MINISERIES
May 26, 2020

Today, Carla Sones talks with Ann Petersen about the shifting economic development landscape. Ann shares her insights on workforce, the likelihood of onshoring, and what communities should be prepared to report on during future site visits.

May 19: How to Harness the Power of Positivity with Jon Gordon | COVID-19 MINISERIES
May 19, 2020

Ron Kitchens has a conversation with Jon Gordon, bestselling author, and speaker. Jon dives into his journey to become more positive as a naturally negative person and shares the importance of filling voids with positivity so negativity does not seep i...

May 12: Breaking It Down: What Do the Key Findings Mean? | COVID-19 MINISERIES
May 12, 2020

Today, Carla Sones dives into the key findings from the COVID-19 Impacts Site Selector Survey (click the link to download your free copy). Consultant Connect heard from hundreds of economic developers that were desperate for insights from site location...

May 5: How Can You Help Relieve Your Small Businesses’ Struggles? | COVID-19 MINISERIES
May 05, 2020

Jeff Pappas, executive vice president of site selection and brokerage at ESRP Real Estate Services, joins Consultant Connect for C2 O’Clock this past Friday. He introduces us to one of his clients which is laser-focused on helping small businesses weat...

April 28: What Can We Learn from Past Disasters? | COVID-19 MINISERIES
April 28, 2020

Gray Swoope and Nancy Blum-Heintz of VisionFirst Advisors joined Consultant Connect recently for a live Zoom presentation to share their experiences with economic recovery after a crisis. As Executive Director of the Mississippi Development Authority u...

April 24: John Longshore | Global Location Strategies | COVID-19 MINISERIES
April 24, 2020

John Longshore talks with Ron Kitchens about the things he believes economic developers should focus on to stay relevant in a world that is changing by the hour. John is a Principal and VP of Innovation at Global Location Strategies,

April 24: Cristina Paredes | Office of Economic Vitality | COVID-19 MINISERIES
April 24, 2020

Cristina Paredes joins Carla Sones on the podcast and shares how she re-purposed an existing website with minimum effort in order to fill a desperate need in her region, and where she’s putting the majority of her focus in this time of rapid change.

April 23: Ann Petersen | Atlas Insight | COVID-19 MINISERIES
April 23, 2020

Ann Petersen joins Ron Kitchens to talk about the implications COVID-19 will have on incentives and incentive compliance. Ann shares her predictions for the rest of the year and dives into what economic developers should be focusing on in this time of ...

April 23: Roger Lee | Economic Development for Central Oregon | COVID-19 MINISERIES
April 23, 2020

Roger Lee joins Ron Kitchens to talk how his organization is responding to the impacts from COVID-19. Roger and Ron talk about the resiliency and ingenuity shown in manufacturing and technology, and what great economic development organizations will lo...