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America's Jobs Team

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Episode 080: Molly Howey | GO Topeka
October 20, 2020

On This Week’s Podcast: Carla Sones sits down to talk with Molly Howey, and the two dive into remedying the loss of unintentional information exchange from the increase in virtual work. Molly talks about the HOST (Helping Others Support Topeka) program...

Episode 079: Linda DiMario | Greater Irvine Chamber
October 13, 2020

On This Week’s Podcast: Linda DiMario talks with Ron Kitchens. The two dive into the value of integrating tourism and economic development, and Linda shares how the Greater Irvine Chamber is helping businesses of all sizes be better prepared for future...

Episode 078: Ean Johnson | OmniTRAX
October 06, 2020

On This Week’s Podcast: Ean Johnson joins Ron Kitchens and the two of them dive into the roles that economic developers can (and should) play in today’s accelerated change track. Ean’s team is always a remote team,

Episode 077: Daniel Silverman | Invest Quebec
September 29, 2020

On This Week’s Podcast: Ron Kitchens interviews Daniel Silverman. Right out the gates, they dive into the very intentional immigration Quebec has. Daniel shares how he navigated hurdles on his onboarding journey as the pandemic shut down any in-person ...

Episode 076: Annemarie Henton | Albuquerque Economic Development
September 22, 2020

On This Week’s Podcast: Annemarie Henton joins Ron Kitchens for a conversation centered on the importance of rallying around realistic positivity. Annemarie has a background in branding and communications, and she dives into how communities can leverag...

Episode 075: Bethany J. Miller | Greater Houston Partnership
September 15, 2020

On This Week’s Podcast: Bethany Miller talks with Ron Kitchens about her journey into economic development (spoiler alert: mentors played a huge role!). Bethany dives into Houston’s status as the most diverse city in the USA and how economic developmen...

Episode 074: Chris Camacho | Greater Phoenix Economic Council
September 08, 2020

On This Week’s Podcast: Chris Camacho joins Ron Kitchens to talk economic development and leadership. Chris shares how he evaluated and strategically chose his career moves, which in the moment may have looked like a step backward but in reality gave h...

Episode 073: Barry Broome | Greater Sacramento Economic Council
September 01, 2020

On This Week’s Podcast: Barry Broome joins Ron Kitchens for a dynamite interview. Barry talks bout letting multiple experiences in life create good leadership within one’s self and allowing that to bring a fresh approach to new challenges.

Episode 072: Barbra Coffee | City of Tucson
August 25, 2020

On This Week’s Podcast: Barbra Coffee joins us to talk about connection, inspiration and building relationships. She shares a few of the things that she looks for during interviews which have enabled her to build a strong team.

Episode 071: Mike Neal | Tulsa Regional Chamber
August 18, 2020

On This Week’s Podcast: Mike Neal joins Nick Riashi for an energetic interview, where Mike dives into how he went from accounting to banking to political staffer to economic developer. Mike talks about the speed of change throughout this year,