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Episode 193: Embrace a New Perspective to Tell the Community Story
April 21, 2022

“I’m obsessed with giving the audience something they don’t see coming.” —Jordan Peele Economic development is heavily focused on relationship building. And with relationship building comes event afte

Episode 192: Three Important Components of Long-term Economic Development Strategy
April 07, 2022

“Great thing take years to build.” —Sam Juraschka In economic development, the pace of work can be grueling. Because we’re often operating in a short-term mindset due to full project pipelines and sho

Episode 191: How Does Amazon Approach Economic Development and Community Partnerships?
March 31, 2022

Amazon has created more jobs in America in the last decade than any other company. With such a level of job growth, it’s only natural that the company has built an internal economic development team w

Episode 190: How Can You Find Growth in Tough Lessons Learned?
March 24, 2022

“It is not so much about what life hands you, but what you do with what you get.” –Idowu Koyenikan Sometimes lessons are learned the hard way, and those tend to be the lessons that shape our leadershi

Episode 189: How Might Economic Development Be Affected by Cancel Culture?
March 17, 2022

“The world is messy. There are ambiguities. People who do really good stuff have flaws.” –Barack Obama Few words in society these days illicit as much emotion as the phrase “cancel culture.” With its

Episode 188: Four Ways to Build Stable and Lasting Stakeholder Relationships
March 10, 2022

“In an age where everything and everyone is linked through networks of glass and air, no one is an island. One thing is for sure: no organization can succeed in a world that is failing.” –Don Tapscott

Episode 187: How Are Project-winning Communities Keeping (and Gaining) Their Momentum?
March 03, 2022

“Economic development is a team sport. We are only successful when we can work with, collaborate, empower and guide others in a common direction.” –Jonas Peterson Despite significant hurdles like ever

Episode 186: What Sets a Community Apart to Land on a “Best Place To” List?
February 24, 2022

“There is immense power when a group of people with similar interests gets together to work toward the same goals.” –Idowu Koyenikan You’ve undoubtedly seen those articles with “Best Places to…” or “T

Episode 185: Habits, Part 2: How to Support Your Future Through Productive Habit Formation
February 17, 2022

“The ultimate form of intrinsic motivation is when a habit becomes part of your identity. It’s one thing to say I’m the type of person who wants this. It’s something very different to say I’m the type

Episode 184: Habits, Part 1: Why Is Energy the Key to Creating More Productive Habits?
February 10, 2022

“We think that powering through the grind builds our capacity more over time when really it has the opposite effect: it leads to burnout.” –Gretchen Slenk Did you decide to create some new habits as p