You Need Therapy!

You Need Therapy!

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That's a Deal Breaker, Ladies!
September 30, 2015

Shannon and Dara talk about red flags, trusting your gut, and whether you should step in when you notice red flags in a friend's relationship. 

Porn and Personal Identity
September 23, 2015

Shannon and Dara discuss the documentary "Hot Girls Wanted" and how to not let missteps you've made in your life define your identity.  From the episode: Monica Lewinsky Ted Talk Jon Ronson "So You've Been Publicly Shamed" Psychology Today:...

Ep 2 Exercise and Body Image
September 16, 2015

Shannon and Dara tell you whether they hate themselves because of their body and find out what type of exercise psychics think is good for your spirit.  From last week's episode check out this article about therapy...

Therapy Stigma
September 09, 2015

Our first episode!