The Pig Wrestlers

The Pig Wrestlers

Latest Episodes

Brand & TV Adverts – Episode 45
December 08, 2021

Ray and Jock discuss why you can't control your own brand, and the power of TV advertising.

Putting The Work In – Episode 44
December 01, 2021

Ray and Jock discuss school systems that reward a desire to learn, and where that sense of entitlement comes from.

Communication and Autonomy – Episode 43
November 24, 2021

Ray and Jock discuss the challenges facing UK energy firms, and why autonomous teams can't just do whatever they want.

Being Nice (When You Don’t Have To) – Episode 42
November 17, 2021

Ray and Jock discuss nice things, nice people and the art of being nice to others. All very nice.

Content Creators & Brand – Episode 41
November 10, 2021

Ray and Jock talk about influencers, content creators and the brands they create for themselves.

The Best Ideas Can’t Be Stolen – Episode 40
November 03, 2021

Ray and Jock discuss the Mom Test, why 'it's complicated', how passion and purpose can elevate a so-so idea to a great one.

Lemonade – Episode 39
October 27, 2021

Ray and Jock talk about big and little ideas, influence for equity and why good brand names are hard.

Do MBAs Stifle Innovation? – Episode 38
October 20, 2021

Ray and Jock discuss the pros and cons of a MBA, and whether the approach taken in med school for training doctors is a useful analogy.

2 Scale-ups At Once with Janna Bastow – Episode 37
October 13, 2021

Ray and Jock are joined by Janna Bastow, CEO and co-founder of ProdPad and co-founder of Mind The Product. They discuss the unique challenges of running two rapidly-growing startups at the same time,

Convenience As A Service – Episode 36
September 29, 2021

Ray shares some big news about the book with Jock. They talk fast food and convenience store infrastructure as a service, and why Sainsbury's and Deliveroo would be a merger made in heaven.