The Pig Wrestlers

The Pig Wrestlers

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Which Investment Strategy Wins? – Episode 35
September 22, 2021

Ray and Jock talk about Warren Buffett's $1m wager on a passive investment strategy, ethical funds and legendary car testing ground, the Nurburgring.

Building An Empire On TikTok with Max McCann – Episode 34
September 15, 2021

Ray and Jock are joined by TikTok sensation Max McCann for a revealing interview in which he shares the long, hard path to becoming an overnight success, and how he keeps his positive attitude when fa

SpaceX Is Taking The Magic Out – Episode 33
September 08, 2021

Ray and Jock delve into Eric Ries's long-term stock exchange and wonder whether the magic's being taken out of space travel.

A Digital Way To Demean Me – Episode 32
September 01, 2021

Ray and Jock talk about David and Goliath stories from boxing, overestimating your competitors, and getting to the truth of why in user research.

Flying Cars Before Tesla Full Self-Driving – Episode 31
August 25, 2021

Ray and Jock discuss whether it's right to exploit psychological biases to gain an advantage, and where the line is between aiming big and claiming you've already got there.

The Flying Pig Wrestlers – Episode 30
August 18, 2021

Ray and Jock discuss the good and bad types of fear and how we respond to them, why we're uncomfortable with our own success, and making the risky, mundane.

More Work – Episode 29
August 11, 2021

Ray and Jock discuss Mark McCormack's paradox of wanting more work, not less, Zoom fatigue, and knowing which tasks to say 'yes' to.

The Illusion of Choice with Stan Karpenko – Episode 28
August 04, 2021

Ray and Jock are joined by co-founder and CTO of GiveVision Stan Karpenko. They discuss the most valuable skill university can teach, what's critical for a successful product, and the constraints on o

SPACs and NFTs – Episode 27
July 28, 2021

Ray and Jock discuss the pros and cons of herd mentality in trading, uncover why NFTs are valuable, and reveal the downside of scratching your own itch.

Recovering From A Bad Decision - Episode 26
July 21, 2021

Ray and Jock discuss the best approach for pulling back from a bad decision and why sunk cost fallacy makes it so tricky, why the invention of the Post-It note was not serendipity, and how to measure