The Pig Wrestlers

The Pig Wrestlers

Do MBAs Stifle Innovation? – Episode 38

October 20, 2021

Ray and Jock discuss the pros and cons of a MBA, and whether the approach taken in med school for training doctors is a useful analogy.

In this episode

00:00 Opening titles00:18 What happened to the innovators?01:15 Learning business ≠ doing business02:58 What you get from a MBA04:30 The MBA reimagined like med school06:35 Why the analogy doesn't hold up08:30 The most important role in a startup12:23 Closing credits

Other media mentioned

Mark H. McCormack - What They Don't Teach You At Harvard Business School -

Product Lessons Learned: A Conversation with Shreyas Doshi & John Cutler -

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Recorded on 23 July 2021Music: Crazy Glue (Instrumental Version) by Josh Woodward (CC-BY 4.0)