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Dredd or Dead – Episode #1
July 03, 2021

WELCOME TO DREDD OR DEAD! The newest and HOTTEST Judge Dredd podcast on the internet - HOT off the Signal of Doom network! Dave and Adam the Computer go DEEP, right into the HEART OF THE LAW, startin

#222: Justice League International, Johnny Cash, Dave Feels Something, Warren Ellis, Alien Birthing Chambers, Lord of the Rings TV!
July 03, 2021

Its a HUGE EPISODE of Signal of Doom, as Dave and Rich tackle MORE Justice League International! This one goes DEEP! Dave talks Doom Eternal, he ACTUALLY FEELS SOMETHING, Alien Birthing Chambers gets

Dead Man Logan, Wolverine Origins, Rey Enters the Game, Death Match Takes, Corporate Zombie Wolvie, Me and ‘Ol CB
June 30, 2021

It's a SPECIAL EPISODE of Signal of Doom this week as REY ENTERS THE GAME, and Dave and Rey do death match take after death match take, no prisoners, no rules, no regulations, we talk about DEAD MAN

#221: Blackest Night, Supernova Chaos, Beast Wars, Mary Marvel, Ragged Old Flag, Harrison Ford Injured, Nam Flashbacks
June 24, 2021

THE BLACKEST NIGHT HAS COME! Its a HUGE EPISODE as we cover the big DC event from Geoff Johns and Ivan Reis, plus THERE'S CHAOS at Supernova, and SIGNAL OF DOOM is ASKING QUESTIONS! Dave takes us back

#220: Fire Power, Starfield Hype, The Simulation is Breaking Down, Batman Can’t Go Down, The Aliens, Dave’s Ghost Story
June 19, 2021

Well hello again folks, this is A BIG SHOW as Dave and Rich are back talking some FIRE POWER by Kirkman and Samnee, Dave is very excited about Starfield and Elder Scrolls, Batman can't go down, Batman

#219: Justice League International, Wolverine Fact Request, James Dean’s Porsche, Dave is Excited about Lord of the Rings, Masters of the Universe
June 12, 2021

WELCOME to a MEGA EPISODE of Signal, Rich and Dave BUNKER DOWN for a BIG ONE! We cover the second half of Justice league International, there's a BIG Wolverine Fact Request on his claws in WW2, James

#218: Rock and Roll to the Pit, Justice League International, 1967 comics, Donny Cates is Nobody’s Backing Singer
June 05, 2021

WELCOME to a BIG EPISODE of Signal! We cover the first half of a big Justice League International softcover collection, Bob Dylan talks about rock & rollin to the Pit, 1967 comic sales are discussed,

#217: Star Trek: Year 5, Kraven vs. Sabretooth, Rugrats and the Gay Mom, Army of the Snooze, Sinatra in a Bar, Lobo is back!
May 28, 2021

Its a BIG SHOW this week as we cover STAR TREK: YEAR FIVE, which surprise, surprise, is about Year Five of the original Star Trek mission, and is a fun read for Star Trek fans, we have a good old fash

#216: Batman and the Outsiders, Samurai’s in Lord of Rings, Sinatra’s Hideaway, Metamorpho, Bob Dylan runs errands
May 22, 2021

WELCOME to another BIG EPISODE of Signal of Doom! Dave and Rich go IN THE WAY BACK MACHINE to check out Batman and the Outsiders, by Mike Barr and Jim Aparo! Metamorpho gets a BIG RUN in this conversa

Pop Vulture Club with Connor – Mirror, Mirror & Criminal Volume 1 by Brubaker and Phillips
May 20, 2021

WELCOME to THE POP VULTURE CLUB with CONNOR! This time out Dave and Connor cover Mirror, Mirror, the classic Star Trek episode, and it goes DEEP AS HELL! Then we change tack and it's time for Criminal