Dredd or Dead

Dredd or Dead

#2: Case Files 1 Part 2, Dredd doesn’t wear a Cape (Except when he’s Luna Marshal!), Walter, Sov Block, Stan Lee Deathfist, Round One!

July 30, 2021

WELCOME to the NEW INSTALMENT of DREDD OR DEAD, the internet's PREMIER JUDGE DREDD podcast! This time qwe cover the second half of Judge Dredd: Case Files One! This includes the classic Luna 1 Saga where Dredd goes to be Luna Marshal! Adam is excited for Walter, Dave mentions Dredd doesn't wear a Cape, (except when he's Luna Marshal), and we also cover Round One of Dredd's clash with Stan Lee, aka DEATHFIST!

It's HOT on the streets of the Big Meg! ENJOY!

Books Covered:

Judge Dredd: Case Files 1

2000AD #484 "The Fists of Stan Lee!"

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