Dredd or Dead

Dredd or Dead

Dredd or Dead – Episode #1

July 03, 2021

WELCOME TO DREDD OR DEAD! The newest and HOTTEST Judge Dredd podcast on the internet - HOT off the Signal of Doom network! Dave and Adam the Computer go DEEP, right into the HEART OF THE LAW, starting with Case Files 1, starting with a chunk of the early classic raw Dredd, up to and including the Robot Wars, and also flashing forward to a 90's take, The Man Who Killed Judge Dredd!

Dave has been a Dredd fan for decades and has been LONGING to bring this JUSTICE to the streets, Adam the Computer is a rookie Judge along for the ride! Its gonna be EPIC!

Judge Dredd Case Files 1 - Prog 2 to Prog 17

"The Man Who Killed Judge Dredd" - Heavy Metal Dredd, Judge Dredd Megazine 1.18

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