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#12: Judgement Days, Zombie Dredd, Johnny Alpha is the Man, Cadet Giant, Non Killer Filler
October 01, 2022

Its getting DARK in here...we welcome you...TO JUDGEMENT DAY. Enjoy kids. Please support the show on Patreon! Every dollar helps the show! https://www.patreon.com/SignalofDoom Follow us on

#10: Satan’s Island by John Wagner & Kev Walker, Genetic Infantry, Orlok the Assassin, Apocalypse War History, Vigilantes in the Streets
September 09, 2022

Sin City comes to Mega-City One as Dave and Adam hit the MEAN STREETS! Enoy gang! Please support the show on Patreon! Every dollar helps the show! https://www.patreon.com/SignalofDoom Fol

#9: RIP Alan Grant, Judge Dredd: Cry of the Werewolf, Beautiful Steve Dillon Art, Things Are Grim in the Undercity, Deviations, Dave wants a What If Clip Show
July 21, 2022

First up, we lost Alan Grant last night and I want to say how sorry we are to hear this, his contribution to comics was immense and we are forever in his debt. His work has meant everything to me, fro

#8: Johnny Alpha Interlude – The Moses Incident, Malak Brood, Zombie Kids and Mothers, Johnny and Wulf, Dredd vs Johnny
April 28, 2022

This episode Adam and Dave WELCOME RICHARD onto the Dredd or Dead show! We take a JOHNNY ALPHA INTERLUDE, covering the classic "The Moses Incident" story, and a tale of COLLATERAL DAMAGE! This is a gr

#7: Judge Dredd: Helter Skelter by Garth Ennis & King Carlos, Rico, Cal, The Rules of Dimension Jumping, Bad Guys in a Room
April 14, 2022

It's a fun one this show as Dave and Adam cover JUDGE DREDD: HELTER SKELTER! There's a lot going on in this compact tale and we pull it apart and EXPLORE! JUMP DIMENSIONS and MEET THE BAD GUYS! Ple

#6: Judgement Day, Top Dogs, Dredd & Alpha v Zombies!
March 18, 2022

Adam the Computer and Dave gather at Signal HQ to discuss one of the DARKEST DAYS in Mega City One history- JUDGEMENT DAY! It's a Judge Dredd/Johnny Alpha TEAM UP against ZOMBIES! This is FUN. Enj

#5: The Judge Child Quest, Mean Machine, Hershey, 2120 has Zombies, Justice 1
December 11, 2021

Adam and Dave are back with DREDD OR DEAD! This time we cover a BONA FIDE CLASSIC, the Judge Child Saga! Dave talks about getting Rebellion to sponsor the show, Zombies in 2120, Mean machine, Judge He

#4: Judge Death Special: Origins of Death & Young Death: Boyhood of a Superfiend, Dave likes Mortis, A Bedtime Story
November 07, 2021

ENTER JUDGE DEATH! ENTER JUDGE ANDERSON! ENTER THE DARK JUDGES! BRIAN BOLLAND AND JOHN WAGNER! Judge Dredd goes up a NOTCH, as Judge Death comes onstage, in two thrilling adventures from the early

#3: Judge Dredd: Total War, Dave stands for Law and Order, Dredd’s Inspiring Monologues, Everything Else is Weak Tea
October 22, 2021

Get ready for a WILD ONE, as Dave and Adam plunge into JUDGE DREDD: TOTAL WAR, an all time classic from John Wagner, Colin MacNeil and Henry Flint! Total War is a lunatic fringe group that seeks to ov

#2.5 Judge Dredd: America, Democracy, Does Judge Dredd cross the line?
August 21, 2021

This one is a special treat for DREDD HEADS, it's actually a long discussion Dave and Rich had on a recent Signal of Doom (the mothership podcast of the Signal network) episode but it was so deep and