400th Episode of Blubrry’s Podcast – PCI 400

We’ve got a special episode of Podcast Insider as the Blubrry team celebrates our 400th episode! Join us as we reflect on our journey, share highlights and stories from past episodes, and discuss what’s next for Blubrry Podcasting. This milestone is a testament to our incredible community of podcasters, listeners, and supporters. Thank you for being part of our journey!

  • Episode 400 is likely not completely accurate. We guessed when we started Podcast Insider by adding up all the prior episodes of all the prior podcasts, but it’s close enough 🙂
  • Cathy and Todd reflect on attending the Podcast Show in London in May
  • Different names of this podcast
    • Blubrry community podcast – Just about anything, no schedule.
    • PowerPress Podcast – MacKenzie interviewed PowerPress and Blubrry users –  Weekly(Ish)
    • Your Podcast – Todd and Mike talked about deep subjects around podcasting – Weekly(Ish)
    • We combined PowerPress Podcast and Your Podcast into Podcast Insider – The current show with Mike, Mac and Todd weekly
  • Todd has been a podcasting pioneer for 20 years Inaugurated into the Podcaster Hall of Fame in 2015, wrote the first book on podcasting
  • Humble beginnings – Started with just Todd in 2004 and then brought on other staff in 2005 and then added more full-time employees in 2015 and have continued down that road.

We want to extend our deepest gratitude to each and every one of you who have been part of this incredible journey. Your support, feedback, and enthusiasm have been the driving force behind our success. We’ve shared countless stories, learned valuable lessons, and built a community that thrives on the passion for podcasting.

Here’s to the next 400 episodes and beyond—continuing to innovate, inspire, and celebrate the world of podcasting together. Stay tuned for more exciting content, and as always, happy podcasting!

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