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As the world of podcasting continues to grow, creators must find innovative ways to expand their audience. Today, we’re diving into the art of cross-posting, a powerful tactic that leverages the magic of collaboration. Podcasters that team up with fellow hosts can amplify their reach and introduce each other’s content to a whole new crowd. Take note of these strategies and join us as we explore how to make cross-posting work for podcast hosts and their podcasting allies.

Today’s Hosts: MacKenzie Bennett and Todd Cochrane

Cross-post Strategies for Podcaster Collaboration

  • Guest Appearances: One of the most common forms of collaboration is inviting a podcaster from another show to be a guest on your podcast and vice versa. This exposes both podcasts to each other’s audiences, potentially increasing listenership.
  • Co-Hosting Episodes: Occasionally co-hosting episodes on each other’s platforms can mix things up for listeners and offer fresh perspectives and discussions, which can be particularly engaging and attract followers from each host’s base.
  • Cross-Promotions: Podcasters can agree to promote each other’s shows. This could be through shout-outs during episodes, sharing each other’s content on social media, or including links in newsletters. It’s a simple yet effective way to reach new listeners who trust the recommender’s tastes.
  • Content Collaboration: Working together to produce content, whether it’s a series, a special episode, or a segment within an episode, can blend the strengths and unique styles of each podcaster. This might involve thematic discussions, debates, or joint investigations.
  • Community Events: Hosting live events, whether online or in person, can generate buzz and deepen engagement with audiences. These events can include live podcast recordings, Q&A sessions, or meetups, providing an interactive experience for listeners.
  • Social Media Takeovers: Allow a fellow podcaster to take over your social media accounts for a day or vice versa. This can add variety to your content and introduce your audience to new voices and styles.
  • Shared Resources: Pooling resources such as editing software, studio space, or marketing tools can reduce costs and increase production quality. Collaborators can also share knowledge and skills in these areas to enhance each other’s podcasts.
  • Joint Ventures: Launching a new podcast together that combines the unique elements of each host’s existing podcasts can attract listeners from both audiences and capture new ones interested in the joint content.
  • Affiliate Marketing: If both podcasts discuss similar topics or products, they can arrange to use affiliate links and promote products they genuinely like, earning commissions and providing valuable recommendations to their listeners.
  • Network Partnerships: Joining or forming a network of podcasts that share a similar theme or audience can enhance cross-promotion opportunities and streamline various aspects of podcast production and marketing.

Be sure to implement today’s tips on collaboration and cross-promotion into your podcasting strategy.

Thanks for joining us on Podcast Insider, where we bring you insider access to the tools you need to succeed. Until next time, keep podcasting!

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