What Not to Do in Podcasting – PCI 362

What Not to Do With Your Podcast

what spelled out in letters in a pile of lettersBeyond the excitement of starting and maintaining your own podcast, there are a handful of things that you should avoid doing as well. Today we are here to discuss what not to do in podcasting; for the peace of mind and enjoyment of the creator as well as the listener. We start off strong getting right into what not to do on the technical end of podcasting.

Today’s Hosts: Mike Dell and MacKenzie Bennett

Creating a successful podcast involves not only knowing what to do but also what not to do. Here are some common mistakes to avoid in your podcasting endeavor:

Content and Planning

  • Lack of Preparation: Always research your topic and prepare an outline to ensure you provide value to your listeners.
  • Off-Topic Rambling: Straying too far from the subject can confuse or bore your audience.
  • Over Promotion: Continuously plugging your own or sponsor’s products or services can turn off listeners.

Technical Aspects

  • Poor Audio Quality: Invest in a good microphone and consider the acoustics of your recording environment.
  • Inconsistent Audio Levels: Keep your voice and any guest voices at consistent volumes.
  • Overuse of Sound Effects or Music: While these can enhance a podcast, too much can be distracting.


  • Ignoring Your Audience: Not interacting with your listeners or acknowledging their feedback.
  • Not Having a Schedule: Inconsistent release dates can frustrate and lose listeners.
  • Lack of Show Notes: Providing detailed show notes can make your podcast more accessible and help with SEO.

Guests and Interviews

  • Poor Guest Introduction: Always introduce your guests adequately and make them feel comfortable.
  • Talking Over Guests: Let your guests speak and make their points without interruption. They are the stars of this episode.
  • Lack of Follow-up: Utilize those listening skills. If a guest mentions something interesting, don’t miss the opportunity to delve deeper into the subject.

Other Pitfalls

  • Too Long or Too Short: Consider your audience when determining episode length.
  • Monotonous Tone: A dull or monotonous voice can be off-putting.
  • Too Much of the Same: Having a topic and show style are good to have but don’t lose yourself in saying the same thing each and every time.
  • Inconsistent Branding or Theme: Your podcast should have a consistent image, tone, and subject matter to attract a dedicated audience.

Avoiding these mistakes can help you create a more professional and engaging podcast that will likely attract a larger and more dedicated audience. Lastly, have fun podcasting!

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