Podcast Creator and Listener Surveys – PCI-301

surveyIndustry studies and surveys are giving insights into podcast creators and listeners. Todd and Mike discuss a few that came out recently and some that will come out soon.  They also talk about new feature coming to Blubrry soon! (Media Kits!)

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Best Practice:

Do not be afraid to try new things on your show. 

This can keep both you and your listeners interested.

  • Mix up the format from time to time (one thing at a time)
    • Try a new segment
    • Mix up the order of segments
  • Video
    • Go live on Facebook, YouTube or Twitter
    • Do a video version of your show
    • This could be bonus content you can refer to in your audio show
  • New Artwork
    • Freshen up the artwork from time to time
    • Maybe use episode images

Blubrry News

Blubrry Pro Tip:

Podcast Networks *Beware!

Question of the Week:  How do I check to make sure everything is working when I publish an episode?  I want to make sure my episode updates on Apple, Spotify and the rest of the apps.

Answer:  This is what I do personally and recommend to our clients.

  1. After Publishing, Clear any caching on your website (if you are publishing on a WordPress site)
  2. Hit PLAY on the player in your post.  Go to your post as a normal human would and simply hit play.  If you hear your show start, it’s been posted correctly.
  3. Load your RSS feed address in the chrome browser.  I know, in most cases it looks like a bunch of code (which it is), but if it loads up and doesn’t hang up or give you some sort of error, it’s good.
  4. Go to castfeedvalidator.org

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Coming to you this week from New Media Production studio in Coldwater, Michigan, and Mike Dell’s World Studio in Traverse City, Michigan.  Produced by the Blubrry Pro-Production team.

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