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Two women sitting at table speakingThere are many responsibilities that come with being a podcast host and creator. Some of which include: deciding on what type of content to publish, what platforms you’re comfortable being on, and this one can be more important than some think, the help you ask for along the way. We urge you to be wary when you begin working with or choose to hire a podcast consultant. Tune in for these topics and more on this episode of Podcast Insider.

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Best Practice

Be very careful who you hire as a podcast consultant. 

Blubrry News

  • Blog Posts: Build your audience with great podcast interviews – Part 1 and Part 2  by Kim Krajci
  • Final preparations are being made for stats beta coming next week!

Blubrry Pro Tip

Conversations vs Soap Boxing

Question of the Week

Question: Why are my stats reporting downloads? What about people hitting play on my page? Are those counted?

Answer: To the server, plays and downloads are the same thing. Whether this is playing on a web page or downloading in an app. The only difference is when someone hits play on your page, the file is downloading AS it’s playing (you can’t tell the difference unless there is significant buffering). But to the server, it looks the same. So, they are counted the same.

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