Taking Care of Podcast Gear – PCI 252

MixerIt’s important to take care of your podcast gear, regardless of the original cost. Podcasters should take the time to clean, properly store and travel with their podcasting gear such as microphones, headphones, mixers, recorders, etc.


Best Practice

Studio Hygiene, how to take care of your gear.

  • Keep it clean (dust free is best!)
  • If you have to set it up to do your show every time, find a good place to store your gear. A protective case, dedicated drawer or shelf, a towel or cloth cover never hurt.

    • Cables are fragile. Don’t roll them too many times.
  • If it’s in a set location, limit access to that location. Keep pets, kids, significant others and coworkers away from it if at all possible.

    • You can also tape down cables so they don’t move around or get caught by someone.
  • Double check your settings on everything before you record. Never assume that it will always hold settings and that it will always work the same way. Do a 10 second record test before you start your show to make sure you’re getting a good capture.
  • Power down anything you can while not in use.

Blubrry News

Blubrry Pro Tips

What to do next? Giving your listeners specific actions to take after listening to your podcast, most importantly sending them to your website.

Interview: Meet the Team

Jeff Levine, Marketing Manager 

Question(s) of the Week 

Question: David asks, “There was a typo in the post title of my latest episode. I just fixed it on WordPress. How long does a change like that typically take to filter out to the podcast apps?”

Answer: It depends on the app. As with everything RSS based, it will refresh on the app or directory the next time that app or directory (or your listener) pulls the feed. Sometimes things like that can take longer than a new episode. If it doesn’t change in a reasonable time (day or so), It will the next time you publish an episode.

This goes for any publishing platform, not just WordPress / PowerPress.


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