Minor but Important Additions to Podcast RSS Feeds, featuring Stacey Mack – PCI 213

It’s worthwhile to have a podcast host that implements new features in a timely manner, for instance, new tags that seem minor can have significant importance to podcast RSS feeds.

Filling in for Todd this week, MacKenzie and Mike discuss the Podcast Academy awards, just what is going on currently with Podcast Index and elements of RSS, new information from Google Podcasts Manager and more.

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 Stacey Mack  – Grateful Badass

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  • Caching on your website

    • Not related to browser caching
    • Happens on your web server
    • Can cause your feed not to update
    • Can cause any website changes to not show up right away
    • There are lots of caching systems. Ask your web hosting provider to explain how to clear, purge, delete, empty or otherwise delete the cache after you work on your site or publish a post (most of them will clear automatically).

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