Choosing A Podcast Title, featuring Mike Moreno – PCI 207

Choosing a title for a podcast is not always an easy thing to do, but it is an important part of a podcast. A crucial step in starting your podcast or any kind of rebranding, Todd and Mike provide some tips for podcasters to use when making this decision.

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Thanks to Mike Moreno for joining Todd to talk about his podcast.

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  • Happy Birthday, Adam Curry, the Podfather
  • Overcast adding “security” notices for podcasts.
  • Is Spotify censoring Joe Rogan? Already.
  • International Podcast Day is at the end of the month, September 30th. We’re the main sponsor.
  • Radio Days Europe’s Podcast Day Online takes place October 26th.
  • Is Spotify requiring HTTPS on media files? Quote from newsletter yesterday: “Spotify is now rejecting new podcasts served with an http (non-secure) audio addresses, according to emails seen by Podnews. Audio served using http rather than https also doesn’t play in Chrome on embedded players. Apple Podcasts expressed a preference for https back in May 2018, but have not yet insisted on it.”
  • Listening to podcasts a half-hour longer because of the pandemic? Edison put out this short video:
  • A new newsletter called “Sounds Profitable” from Podnews.

Best Practice:

Titling your podcast

  • Be careful that you are not using something in your title that is trademarked. 
  • What is a good title for a podcast?
  • Shorter titles are generally better
  • Unique titles are best (Do a search for the title you are thinking about using)
  • Do not stuff titles with keywords.
  • Make it easy to spell and pronounce
  • Maybe see if it means something totally different in other languages.  (Not sure how to do that exactly)

Blubrry News:

  • DragonCon presentation Todd @ 6pm EST
  • Another PowerPress update – 8.3.7 is the latest
  • Blog post: Guerrilla Podcast Marketing.
  • Affiliates have been paid, so check your PayPal just in case. And as always, affiliates can check their progress in the affiliate section of the Podcaster Dashboard.


The Actor CEO –  Mike Moreno –

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  • Rebranding?  Changing the title and artwork for your show.

    • In PowerPress settings > feeds > feed settings > “Show Title”
    • Artwork in the “Podcast Artwork” menu of the feed settings in PowerPress
    • In Blubrry Publisher > Podcast Settings > Title
    • Artwork in the “iTunes Artwork” menu in Podcaster Dashboard
    • 24-72 hours to update on the Syndication Points (faster if you publish an episode)
  • Changing the Account email at Blubrry (We have to do it for you)

    • Sign in at
    • Go to and request the change
    • We can’t do it over the phone because there is no way to know if it’s really you making the request.
  • More about the Blubrry way. Recently we had a customer that is being de-platformed from a different company. We are helping him stay online with his show. He has been doing it the Blubrry way all along and couldn’t be de-platformed (for long).

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