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Todd and Mike discuss a few significant Apple team changes and Amazon Alexa capabilities concerning podcasts. They’ve also included their predictions for 2020. If you host an interview podcast they have some tips on how to excel at this format. In Blubrry news, affiliates are looking at a payday this week. Thanks to Charles McFall for joining them for a fun interview on his varying shows and involvement in the community. Look out for a special episode of Podcast Insider next week. Big thanks to our support team, it’s been a big change this year for our team with support and we couldn’t have done it without them.

Thanks for joining us this episode of Podcast Insider.

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Best Practices:

  • When you’re the interviewed on your podcast, try to find a nugget about your guest beforehand to ask during the interview. 
  • LISTEN to your guest and then do followup, don’t just jump to the next question.
  • Ask the question and LET THEM TALK!

Blubrry News:

  • Affiliate payments! December period 6 payment and annual year-end bonuses. Join our affiliate program!
  • We interviewed Colin Gray on the blog about the affiliate program. Thanks for participating!
  • We reviewed our holiday hours again. We take our breaks seriously.


Charles McFall – Rock God of Podcasting


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