Dr. Justin Trosclair – A Doctor’s Perspective – PI-155

Todd and Mike are back on Podcast Insider this week discussing events, money and legal issues in podcasting and more. They’re also sharing their tips for sharing your podcast – they suggest sticking to your website. Big thanks to MacKenzie for joining Mike on the episode last week; it was good to hear her back ‘on the air.’ She’ll be back soon and has an interview or too lined up. Mid episode tune in for Dr. Justin Trosclair discussing his show and podcasting experience.

Thanks for joining us on this episode of Podcast Insider.


Dr. Justin Trosclair D.C (Truss-Clare) – A Doctor’s Perspective


Best Practices:

  • Sharing on social media, etc.: What to share? Your website! Recently Facebook has been removing direct links to episodes on Apple Podcasts for “against community guidelines.” We’re not entirely sure they’re still doing that. Sharing anything other than a link to your post on a site you own (or at least control) is the only thing you should share for your episode.

Blubrry News:

  • Dragon Con: Todd was there in Atlanta for his first con!
  • Todd will be at Mid Atlantic Podcast Conference (MAPCON) this weekend.
  • Todd will also be at Outlier Podcast Festival in LA the 13th and 14th.


  • Support vs. Consulting: We do not consider web design tips to be part of the support team’s speciality
  • Feed traffic: This is a good problem to have because of your audience BUT… HostGator and WP Engine are very picky about feed traffic. We have a solution for that and it’s free! — PodcastMirror.com

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