Lorna Bremner – Closure Optional – PI-153

We’ve got lots to talk about with podcast statistics, new deals, such as Sound Exchange, and confirmations from Podcast Movement. We start the episode with a fantastic interview from Lorna, and close it with Todd and Mike joined by Barry Kantz, General Counsel and CFO of RawVoice/Blubrry. If you haven’t taken a look at the Blubrry site in a while, take a minute to review the changes we’ve made recently.

Thanks for joining us on this episode of Podcast Insider.


Lorna Bremner – Closure Optional

Podcasting News

  • Apple transcripts (in IOS13 beta): It seems they’re active at the moment!
  • Google making big changes for podcasts
  • Spotify: Making it easier for you to manage your show listing within their platform.
  • SoundExchange and SourceAudio: New deal for licensed music in podcasts.

Best Practices

  • The Blubrry way is the Google way! Talks from Podcast Movement confirm our way of podcasting.

Blubrry News

  • Homepage and directory: Blubrry.com changes continuing to take shape.
  • New service coming soon: Network Plugin / Newly Redesigned TechPodcasts.com
  • RODECASTER Pro contest at Podcast Movement was a success, our winner has already received their gift. Thanks for everyone for participating.

Blubrry Support

  • You must publish an episode before submitting to directories. The first rule in getting on a podcast directory or app is to HAVE A PODCAST — posted, public and ready to go. (no coming soon mode or private posts)
  • Stats: there is a delay between when you post an episode and when it will show in the stats.  It takes time for us to process the data and report it to you.

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