Google Indexing Podcasts on Desktop and Mobile Browser Search – YP57

Todd and Mike are both a little under the weather, but that didn’t stop them covering a lot about Google indexing and searching of podcasts. There is also lots of conversations on what directories will display your show notes, we clear that up. We’re still looking to collect podcast promos that we can use on the show, so get recording. They wrap up the episode discussing podcast titles – some dos and dont’s.

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  • Google indexing podcasts on desktop search? It appears it’s indexing from Apple’s new preview pages and not natively as reported in some news outlets. See: Google Search For “Your Podcast” Interesting that the episode links go to Google Podcasts!
  • A variety of apps and directories will display your show notes. How they do this is up to their discretion. This link from Podnews goes into the details of who does what. Thanks Podnews! What you put in the feed is all your control, again it’s totally up to them on what they do with it.
  • Podcast promos: Last episode we put out a call for listeners to send us their podcast promo. We’ve received a few so far, send yours! Send em to: and we might play it here.
  • Today’s promo you’ve heard in the show is, Blubrry customer Brian Kilby, from Radio Free Cybertron –
  • What’s in a name? What should your podcast title be? Here are some suggestions from Inside Radio.

Unrelated… send in your suggestions for a new name for this show.  We have had a few responses but would like to hear from YOU!


  • Change the password or email at Then you need to relink your account in PowerPress (even if you are on a PowerPress site at Just log out and log back in with new password. Not linked, no PowerPress usage with your Blubrry account.
  • Give it a little time, changing titles, author tags, artwork or any other metadata in your feed, typically takes 24-72 hours before it updates in directories. Podcasting is PULL (directories pull your feed)…. NOT PUSH (you don’t push automatic updates)…

*** 2nd to the last with Todd in the Hawaii Studios. More in-person shows to come this summer from Michigan or Ohio.

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